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About Voor

Voor was started in 2015.
We are a brand that aims to foster a creative atmosphere. We desire to inspire not only creativity, but drive, hard work, passion, and individuality, striving to push the envelope in every possible area.
As a company, we believe in community and coming together. We aim to encourage a positive outdoor lifestyle, whether it be surfing, skating, hiking, or partnering with local communities to create a better world, we are there. We thread this value into our product through its design. The wood used on our hats is a combination of Great Lakes Maple and Russian Birch, which is layered in the same fashion as many skateboards have been over the years.
All of our design and production is done in house, right here in Texas. We believe in quality over quantity, as well as healthy and fair work environments for all people.
We didn't like the idea of sending our designs off to be made overseas where quality and safety could be in question, so we decided to do it ourselves.
Further, we seek out only supplies and products from places that have high standards of work safety and monetary compensation.
Despite our love for Southern hospitality and the plains of Texas, we have always been inspired by California fashion and lifestyle. Voor strives to embody a balanced combination of these two states to give the world a brand that offers style, quality, positivity, fun, and hospitality.
 At Voor, we believe that humans are to be stewards of the Earth.
We work in association with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every product that you purchase. That means, when you buy a product from us you are helping to make the world a better, cleaner place.
Currently the trees are being planted in the Chippewa and Tahoe National Forests. In the future, we hope to broaden to even more ways of giving back. 

Thank you for helping us make the world a better place.






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