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1. What is Voor?

Answer: Voor is 13th Century Dutch for “For”, “Before” or “First”. Our goal is to always keep our patrons and our service be-voor everything else.  < See what we did there?


2. Are the hats made from real wood?

Answer: Absolutely. Our hats are built just like a skateboard, layer by layer into a mold to form a perfect brim. No synthetic fillers, all wood.


3. Can the hats be worn in or around water?

Answer: Yes. We do however recommend waxing the brim with the provided Brim Wax right before going in or on the water to defend the moisture from deteriorating the brim over time. The hat can get wet and also be submerged in water, however we do not recommend doing this for an extended period of time.

4. How do I clean the hat?

Answer: If you get your hat dirty, you can hand wash it in a sink with warm water and soap. However we do not recommend leaving the brim submerged for any length of time.

5. Why wood?

Answer: Voor is dead set on being a brand that embraces new and adventurous ideas. When we got into fashion, we wanted to do something outlandish that would allow every product to be slightly different, and capture the attention of anyone who sees the product.

6. Where does Voor plant trees?

Answer: We work in association with the Arbor Day foundation to plant trees all around the world, however their main focus is to plant trees within US Forests.

7. Can you do custom embroidery with my business logo, etc?

Answer: Absolutely! If you would like to make an enquiry about pricing for wholesale hats, with our logo, or your logo, please call us at 817-734-5911 or email Our minimum order is 12 hats for wholesale/retail accounts, including custom embroidery.


8. What does the Lifetime Warranty cover?

Answer: Our warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the hat (i.e cracks in the brim, strap clasp breaking, top button coming loose etc.). We will also consider other wear and tear defects as well. We want you to know that when you buy a product from Voor, you will be taken care of. 


9. I discovered a flaw in my hat, what do I do?

Answer: No worries! Contact us as soon as possible at 817-734-5911 or email us at and we will get back with you within 3 business days to get you all taken care of!

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